Case History


Supply of ventilation and drive units for the treatment of VOCs through biofilter reactors in the chemical industry in the province of Savona.

VOC & smeel treatment

Complete air suction and filtration unit for canteen kitchen hoods in the Bank in Via Nazionale for a nominal flow rate of 20,000 Nm3 / h. The system provides for the treatment of dirty foul-smelling fluid and with entrained liquids derived from cooking food, for which different filtration stages have been set up.


Design and supply of fans and terminal elements made to specification for the aluminum profile extrusion cooling system, factory in the province of Latina, Capacity about 9000 Nmc / h.

Catering and restaurant

Design and supply of equipment, ventilation and filtering units, drives, ducts and acoustic mitigation for the mechanical ventilation system of laboratories and cooking points inside a restaurant unit of about 1000 square meters in Rome in via del porto fluviale.

Fire protection

FIRE venilators for mechanical ventilation and smoke and heat extraction system in case of garage fire at EUR in Rome for a nominal air exchange rate of 120,000 Nmc. The system provides for the use of 64 air, smoke and heat inlet and extraction fans for a total of 240,000 cubic meters / h and 12 fans of the simple soundproofed suction type for smoke filter areas.


High pressure fan for glass tempering system for a nominal flow rate of about 30 Nmc / sec Nmc / h. Fan in carbon steel and corten installed power 400 Kw. The fan is equipped with a direct current motor.

Cooking industry Mechanical ventilation

Cooking laboratory ventilation Fans, filtering units and drives, for the realization of the mechanical ventilation system serving the cooking center in Rome (Tiburtina) 120,000 Nmc / h for aspiration, kitchen hood flow balancing and ambient air intake.

Mechanical CO2 ventilation

Fans, ducts and technical service for executive and start-up aeraulic systems, for the construction of the mechanical ventilation system for the Torre Pontina stable garage, Latina Fiori (Latina) business center for a nominal flow rate of over 50,000 Nm3 / h.

Engineering - TMB

Industrial fans for a mechanical ventilation system used in the waste treatment, selection and composting process in Rome for a nominal flow rate sum of all air services approximately 1,375,000 Nm3 / h. The fans are in both carbon steel and stainless steel with an installed power sum of about 2 MW for the fans alone.