OzOx, Ozone Oxidator, Patent Pending N 102020000019294 ITALIA is a VOC, Volatile Organic Compounds,  innovative treatment system. Odors and VOC, polluting exhaust air from industrial and civil premises, are treated successfully, far below, regional and national limits.

With OzOx, the exhaust air is cleaned enough to be re-entered in the same environment avoiding being expelled out by the chimney.


OzOx has been thought to solve the emission problems of all industrial and handcrafted activities that, with their malicious odors, have a negative impact over neighbors and population.

In particular it has been thought to solve the odor problem caused by those handcraft activities in the urban tissue such as restaurants, coffee shops, fry shops, bakeries and others, like oriental cuisine and all heavy smelling cuisine.

OzOx is innovative because VOC are treated with a multiple train process treatment system made by chemical, physical treatment of the droplets carried on by the air, of the VOC oxidized by the synergic work of UVC lamps and ozone oxidation at ambient temperature. The activated carbon section, installed downstream the system, guarantees the adsorption of residual ozone and VOC, giving absolute guarantee to keep harmful substances well below national and regional limits.

The cooling thermal treatment foresee along with the process allows to keep air at the right level of temperature and humidity to be re-entered into the working area.

Product specification

OzOx is a treatment process made by several different equipments and processes in a train mode, to better comply exhaust air to be treated from different handcrafted and industrial activities. Its reduced footprint keeps the plant easy to be installed inside low space premises typical of urban tissue. The treatment process eliminate harmful vapors substances, particulate, VOC and not-reacted ozone, keeping as well the optimal temperature of the process. Many probes and instruments along with the PLC, control the process continuously guaranteeing, thanks to several alarm threshold, workstation healthiness and atmosphere emission limits. The fundamental role of the ozone, as principal actor of oxidation process, helped by the UVC lamps energy and a catalytic media  , allows a reaction at ambient temperature (<50°C).

The low energy level, in which the oxidation takes place, allows easy installing in urban tissue and very low running costs, in comparison with oxidation systems at high level temperature.

In conclusion OzOx is a very efficient, safe, economic, green treatment system.