Industry and engineering

Fans, motors, drives and components for process plants in different industrial areas:

  • chemical-pharmaceutical

  • milling industry

  • concrete and constructioni
  • energy
  • oil & gas
  • waste treatment

Products & services

Assistance service and selection of products and technical solutions to be adopted specifically in the field of application.

Specific products for areas at risk of explosion with application of the ATEX standard.

Machines for areas and heavy-duty uses with the use of special elements and metals and solutions to project specifications.

After-sales assistance services for performance verification, predictive maintenance and product and plant revamping.


Fans, motors, drives and components for machines and packages for the fields of application:

  • agricultural

  • glass and furnances
  • transports
  • ceramics
  • air handling

Products & services

Assistance service and selection of the most suitable products also on customer specification for the realization of a machine or complete package.

Machines and components for the manufacturing industry with assistance in product design and development.

Testing and testing services for products made to specification.

Products & services

Pre-sale consultancy service for estimates, feasibility studies, budgets. Definition and verification of product performance for the definition of metric calculations and aeraulic calculation reports. Selection of single products and machines or definition of complete aeraulic circuits. Specific machines and components for trade, hospitality, catering. Building automation products. Testing and testing services for systems and products made to specification. FIRE specific machines for the firefighting service for fume and heat extraction and fume filter areas.


Ventilating, filtering and air treatment units for any area related to the HVAC sector or to the collection and exhalation of fumes and vapors in the building. Control and regulation panels, complete with drives and components for use on fans and pumps for application:

  • building
  • offices and shopping centers

  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Hotels